Student Information

Student Name

Joseph Hur




Internship Information

Company/Organization: KAB Computers

Mentor(s):Kenneth Bruno

Topic of Internship

Computer Science

Background Information

Founded in 2002 by Kenneth A. Bruno, KAB Computers services the tri-state area in a variety of technological fields. Boasting expertise in areas ranging for network issues to virus removal, KAB computers offers a wide berth of support to their customers. Every employee is a dedicated and capable individual, devoted to solving any problems that arise. In addition, KAB Computers sells technology products, constantly on the lookout to upgrade a customerís workplace. In a world that ever moves towards computing, KAB Computers stands out as a reliable entity, but most importantly, as a pioneer.

Summary of Internship

The time I spend interning at KAB Computers always proves to be a rewarding experiencing. The norm at KAB Computers is hands-on work; almost never am I merely standing around doing nothing. Every Thursday I go out with my mentors in a wide capacity of jobs, ranging from virus removal to network issues. In each one of these jobs, I observe my mentor while he is doing his job, and then I apply those concepts I observed myself. Another important skill I learned at KAB Computers is the relationship between a business and a consumer. KAB impressed me with its dedication to meet every one of its customerís needs, and I intend to apply the same ethos in my future career. Overall, my internship at KAB computers has been intensely fulfilling, and is highly recommended to anyone wishing to learn more about computing and technology.

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