Student Information

Student Name

Nyla Thomas




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Hospital for Special Surgery

Mentor(s):Paola Monzon

Topic of Internship

Radiology and Imaging

Background Information

The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) located in the Midtown Manhattan, was initiated in 1863 by Dr. James Knight and twenty other prominent New Yorkers. In the nation, HSS is known as the oldest orthopedic hospital. HSS has been ranked #1 in orthopedics and #3 in rheumatology. The hospital is known to do more hip surgeries and more knee replacements than any other hospital. HSS has multiple team physicians and athletic trainers for professional teams, such as; the NY Knicks, NY Mets and many more!

Summary of Internship

This internship was such a unique and profound experience! It helped me break out of my shell and to be confident when dealing with people in the medical field. Being an intern, I delivered patients charts to different departments such as; CAT scan, Ultrasound and X-Ray. I also transported patients to different floors in the hospital. I got a feel of what it was like to use a walkie-talkie and how to respond to the different signals in order to complete certain tasks at hand. Seeking to become an Interventional Radiologist, this internship experience exposed me not only to the profession work alone but gave me an opportunity to see how much interaction there was between patients and co-workers. This internship enhanced my desire to pursue a career in the medical field for the future even more because there are numerous amounts of opportunities for jobs in the medical field!

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