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Hanzhang Li



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Internship Information

Company/Organization: People's Daily

Mentor(s):Mr. Bingxin Li

Topic of Internship


Background Information

People's Daily is the largest daily newspaper in China with the circulation about 3 million copies a day. Its United Nations Bureau is one of the key branches for the newspaper abroad. The bureau covers the news in United Nations as well as in New York City. The bureau is dedicated to the best reporting and the promotion of understanding between China and United Nations and the United States.

Summary of Internship

As a registered UN media photographer, I am directly in charged by The Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit of United Nations. (M.A.L.U.) Every morning, MALU release a media alert that lists all open inter-governmental meetings, press briefings/conferences and other outreach activities at the United Nations Headquarters. My responsibility is to follow the media alert and discuss with my mentor about which event we are going to report. Beside take photos for the event, I also have to create a database for the photos and manage the database so the news paper can request the photographs of the event whenever they need. MALU also operates a Media Documents Centre, which allows the journalists to access to documents of particular interest. Whenever there isní»t important event that the office requires the photos, I would go to the media document center to view the historical documents and photos of UN.

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