Student Information

Student Name

Imani Williams




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Maven Physical Therapy

Mentor(s):Dr. Jerry Yoo

Topic of Internship

Sports Medicine

Background Information

Maven Sports Medicine is a physical therapist-owned, private practice. The owners of Maven, Dr. Jerry Yoo and Dr. Taylor Lee, are doctors of physical therapy who have been practicing for nearly 10 years and have also been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. They have varied clinical expertise ranging from general orthopedics, sports medicine, pediatrics, and geriatrics. A large part of their vision was to bridge the rehab and fitness gap with their combined experiences to help patients take charge of their physical health and wellness. In 2007, Maven Sports Medicine planted its first location inside Body Designs Fitness Center in Paramus, NJ. With their success in establishing a healthy relationship with the gym members and personal training staff, Maven went on to secure a second gym location in 2009 in Cliffside Park; Palisadium Fitness, USA became the home of Mavenís second office. Maven Sports Medicine has aspiring plans to continue creating new locations in the northern NJ and NY areas.

Summary of Internship

Maven is not just a regular physical rehabilitation facility. Here at Maven we work on improving the overall health and fitness of the patients. With motivational workouts for the patients and even shakes, the staff here at Maven is superb. I learned about the amazing people at Maven through head football coach at DMAE, Barry Harris. Dr. Jerry and his team are responsible for the strength and conditioning of our very own football team. In the morning at 6:00 AM the staff is led in an intense workout to start the day. Patients usually begin to come in around 7:40 AM. There are a variety of injuries that I see every day from minor aches and sprains all the way to post surgery rehabilitation. I shadow many of the aids and Dr. Jerry himself to learn exactly what injury the patient is suffering from and how the exercises will benefit them. When the patients are done I get to help them schedule their next appointments to keep them on track for recovery.

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