Student Information

Student Name

Kory Gaskin




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Mercedes Benz

Mentor(s):Dale Vanderbeck

Topic of Internship


Background Information

MBUSA or Mercedes–Benz USA, is the United States headquarters of the German luxury car brand Mercedes–Benz. Mercedes-Benz is a division of the German manufacturer company Daimler AG. Then the office of MBUSA is a sub headquarter that reports all of the efforts on the American front to the main headquarter in Germany. So MBUSA manages the Mercedes–Benz dealerships and any other dealerships that sell Daimler AG products in the United States report to MBUSA headquarters in Germany. MBUSA also has the say of what cars need to be fixed and what cars that need to be bought back. They handle any of the American problems that may occur with the manufacturing.

Summary of Internship

This experience was a real change in environment. I was not used to the life outside of school and the occasional odd job. Mr. Vanderbeck was really wise and had a lot of insight on life in general and I he was able to make everything very easy to understand. Through the internship, I found out what it's like to be in a workplace. While there I discover and honed a lot of skills like the use of excel and memorizing instructions without writing them down. I learned the proper way to clean a car. If you want your car to be truly clean it is important to wipe it down with more than just water. It was also important to see what it is like to be in an engineering field like his. This internship is great if you think that an engineering career is for you.

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