Student Information

Student Name

Naya Deutsch




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Oradell Animal Hospital

Mentor(s):Maggie Monza LVT

Topic of Internship

Veterinary Medicine

Background Information

Oradell Animal Hospital was created in 1961 by Doctor Anthony Palminteri and Doctor Gary Johnson and has become one of the largest and technologically advanced facilities in the world. The hospital employs a competent team of professionals in order to provide the highest quality care to the animals that they can. The hospital is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has borne two satellite hospitals in Hasbrouck Heights and Fort Lee.

Summary of Internship

During this internship, I was able to shadow many of the doctors practicing in the hospital. I was able to see a variety of branches of medicine, including surgery, oncology, neurology and general medicine. While shadowing the doctors I was unable to personally interact with the animals, but I was able to accompany them into the treatment rooms and observe as they gave treatment and examined the animals. On several occasions I was able to observe surgeries done on the animals. Not only was I able to observe the veterinarians, I was also able to observe the vet techs and see what goes on behind the scenes and how surgeries are prepped and various other activities. This internship really gave me a good look into the world of veterinary medicine, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

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