Student Information

Student Name

Sandeep Singh




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Labrada Dume & Associates

Mentor(s):Marilyn Labrada Dume, Elibany Valerio

Topic of Internship

Immigration Law

Background Information

Labrada Dume & Associates Law Group was started by Mrs. Marilyn Labrada Dume. This reputable law firm practices Immigration and Family Law. All the attorneys are highly-qualified and can provide an exceptional amount of legal representation. There are two offices. One of the offices is located in North Bergen, while the other office is located right in here in Englewood. The office in Englewood was established 14 years ago by Mrs. Dume and one of her colleagues. The office has been going well, and the attorneys have kept up the reputation of the law firm.

Summary of Internship

A day at internship would start at 10 o'clock in the morning. I would walk into the office and greet my mentor, Elibany Valerio. I would go and sit at my desk, and Mrs. Valerio would come and give me my work for the morning. The work would usually consist of filling out forms, making copies of documents, mailing out those documents, and filing. Mostly all of this work pertains to cases that Mrs. Valerio would be currently working on. Upon finishing my work, I would take my lunch break. My lunch breaks are usually an hour. After my lunch break, I would return to the office and usually one of two things would happen. If Mrs. Valerio is busy, she would give me some of her work so she would not have much to do. However, if she was not busy, she would let me chill for the remaining hour to 2 hours. The relationship I have built with my mentors and my coworkers is one that I will cherish forever. They have guided me through everything, and I will always be grateful to them.

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