Student Information

Student Name

Alexandra Dul




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Valley Hospital

Mentor(s):Ms. Katie Maraventano

Topic of Internship

Same Day Medical/Neuroscience

Background Information

The Valley Hospital is a fully-accredited, acute care, not-for-profit hospital serving more than 440,000 people in 32 towns in Bergen County and adjoining communities. As a not-for-profit hospital, Valley is committed to giving back to the community. Valley serve the community by providing thousands of hours of healthcare education and screenings, support groups, and classes to assist those in need, and care to all those who come through their doors, regardless of their ability to pay. The Valley Hospital is proud of its history of quality patient care and community service, and is known throughout northern New Jersey for its medical and technical excellence. It was recognized nine consecutive times for service and has a strong commitment to provide an outstanding patient experience.

Summary of Internship

At the Valley Hospital, I was able to experience and work in two rotations of my choice, Same Day Medical Department and the Neuro Department, specializing in strokes. I chose these departments mainly because they were able to provide me with a chance to see nursing in a whole other perspective. Within both departments, I was able to see how nursing plays a large portion of a patientís stay in a hospital, and what they do to ensure that for a patient. As my first rotation in the Same Day Medical Department, I can say that I was able to experience and witness a large variety of procedures that many can say they havenít. Every Thursday I was able to scrub in, and the nurse assigned me somewhere to go. Because I was in Same Day Medical, I was also in the Cardiac Cath Lab. I was able to see multiple Diagnostic Coronary Catherizations, Pacemaker Pulmonary Pituary Lead Revisions, and even Pacemaker insertions. I was also able to see Cardioversions, EKGS, and Arteriograms, along with Stress Tests. Although I had a set department, I was able to witness different departments as well, like going to the Sleep Center, Diagnostic Imaging, and one of the best, the O.R. where I was able to see an open heart surgery and a Neurovascular Interventional Bilayer procedure. However, being an intern comes with doing paperwork and helping the nurses with making charts or even medicine bags. For my second department, I was able to be placed in something that I really wanted to do, which was shadow a nurse practioner. By doing this, I was able to see what my future would consist of, and figure out if this was what I really wanted to do. In the stroke unit, I was able to see what the nurse practioner did, such as her paperwork and distributing medications, and then I was able to see nurse/patient care close up. I was able to follow nurses around and see how they chart, give medication out, and follow up on patients. I was able to see how the nurses clean the patients and how they deal with them. Overall, my time interning at the Valley Hospital was valuable because of the variety and quality of the things I learned.

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