Student Information

Student Name

Abigail Light




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Academies @ Englewood

Mentor(s):Ms. Browne Frangiosa

Topic of Internship

Theatrical Design

Background Information

The Academies @ Englewood is an academic program of Dwight Morrow High School. The program offers career academies for students of exceptional merit. The Academy program prepares students to meet the rigor of college and the corporate world beyond through a specialized blend of academic and technical classes and internships. Students can choose to participate in technical and academic competitions, sports teams, clubs, music, dance and fine arts programs. The drama program is run and directed by Ms. Meltzer and Ms. Rochman. Some performances they have put on include Grease, High School Musical, and Footloose. The drama program at the Academies @ Englewood has a partnership with Bergen PAC. In addition to performing the spring musical on the Bergen PAC stage, Englewood's Got Talent and Englewood Idol are held at the Bergen PAC every year.

Summary of Internship

At the Academies @ Englewood I was given the opportunity to use my background in theater to work alongside the art teacher, Ms. Browne, to design, construct, and paint the sets for the musical. As Ms. Browne's intern I was able to contribute many ideas for how the sets would look, but I did not know much about the physical construction of them, so she guided me through that process by showing me different methods to turn our ideas into realistic pieces. I spent every Thursday in Ms. Browne's art room either painting or decoupaging different pieces. On other days I would work with her in the auditorium constructing and painting the large set pieces. In addition to designing the sets for the musical, I was also a stage manager. I went to most of the rehearsals after school and took notes on the blocking of the performance. Then, during the performance I was backstage calling the lighting and sound cues for the operators at Bergen PAC. Also, through this internship I got the opportunity to help out backstage at Englewood Idol. I was able to see how the lighting and sound was set up as well as how things are run backstage. Overall, this internship provided me with a lot of valuable experience, and it was interesting to learn all the hard work that goes into putting up a show that mere audience members would never see.

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