Student Information

Student Name

Luke Toro




Internship Information

Company/Organization: O&S Associates, Inc.

Mentor(s):Bart Cuomo, Suchi Jayasena

Topic of Internship

Civil Engineering

Background Information

O&S Associates, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm with seven offices worldwide, which include offices in Hackensack, New York City, and Chicago. O&S, a group of experienced architects, engineers, and planners, specializes in the design and restoration of parking structures, as well as in building evaluation and roof assessments, including architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. O&Sís services have been provided to clients from a large range of industries, including hospitals, airports, government agencies, and corporate offices. The designers at O&S put great consideration into the goals of a project, as they work to perform restorations and construction with the budget of the project in mind. When necessary, O&S designers will utilize alternative construction materials for a project, but not for materials that will undermine the integrity and success of the project as a whole. O&S has been highly successful in meeting the priorities of the firmís numerous clients, and many clients have returned to O&S to request for their services then their professional experience and knowledge is required.

Summary of Internship

As an intern with O&S Associates, a student will truly experience the many procedures and responsibilities in which are in place in the engineering industry. Under the guidance of experienced engineers, an intern receives a significant amount of knowledge involving structures, including the forms of repair that may be necessary for a deficient structure. Students will gain a substantial understanding of engineering through the use of industry-standard engineering software such as RAM Modeler and AutoCAD, as well as read and interpret engineer-prepared documents for review. The office environment of O&S Associates will allow students to gain an understanding of the many obligations that go into operating an engineering firm, while studentís various visits to various engineering job sites will allow them to better understand the designs and engineering details they are exposed to in the office. An internship with O&S Associates is highly recommended for students who wish to gain an understanding of all that may attribute to the success of a civil engineering career from professionals who dedicated and successful in their field of work.

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