Student Information

Student Name

Christopher Haggar




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Hackensack University Medical Center

Mentor(s):Joe Cerbone, Raimondo (Rino) Pollaro

Topic of Internship

Biomedical Engineering

Background Information

The Hackensack University Medical Center is one of the nation’s premier research hospitals. Nestled near New York City and among New Jersey’s busiest cities, HUMC provides world class medical care ranging from pediatrics to oncology. The hospital has several specialized departments that tend to patients requiring both general and advanced healthcare with each focusing on particular needs and medical issues. The hospital was established in 1881 and has been operating within the same vicinity ever since. Throughout its history, the medical center has experienced and continues to experience exponential growth and expansion to areas regarding fitness such as the HackensackUMC Fitness and Wellness Center and official sponsorships with other medically concentrated institutions and professional sports teams alike. Hence its name, HackensackUMC is a University Hospital affiliated with Rutgers University and the New Jersey Medical School. It offers opportunities to up and coming doctors, pharmacists, and other medically-related professionals such as internships as well as expert and intensive teaching programs. All in all, the Hackensack University Medical Center is a nationally recognized and accredited medical hospital that offers expert and personal medical care to large numbers of residents in, around, and out of the state of New Jersey.

Summary of Internship

When I first started pursuing a prospective internship, HUMC caught my eye from the beginning, specifically its opportunities within the Biomedical Engineering department. I was told that an internship within this field would provide me with a large amount of hands-on experience and an endless amount of knowledge. More importantly, I wanted to seek out an internship that combined my two major interests: engineering/technology and medicine. Thankfully, I can proudly say that participating in such an internship has been nothing short of eye opening. Though only a relatively small department within this colossal hospital, the Biomedical Engineering department can be arguably considered one of the most important. Everything from microwaves to various pumps used to circulate cancer medicines and perform many other tasks go through this department. Here all types of medical equipment are inspected and repaired in order to prevent malfunctions and possible health risks to patients. The department performs vital tasks such as incoming inspections and preventive maintenance. These measures are taken in order to ensure that all new pieces of equipment that are brought in are documented and inspected as well as, at the same time, ensuring that all the equipment already housed are in proper working order. This is not an easy task, which is why the department is made up of several Biomedical Technicians and Technologists many of which I have had the pleasure of working with. All in all, having this internship has given me a whole new perspective towards the medical field and world, and I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone willing to get down and dirty with their hands and minds.

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