Student Information

Student Name

Brittany Wisdom




Internship Information

Company/Organization: State Street Smiles

Mentor(s):Dr. Eddie Jackson

Topic of Internship


Background Information

State Street Smiles located on 405 State Street in Hackensack, NJ is run by a team of professionals who are dedicated towards providing children with personalized, gentle care that he or she deserves in order to make all children and parents feel good about visiting the dentist. They truly believe in gently introducing children to dental care. The staff has a great one-on-one relationship with all their patients by introducing a method known as, “show and tell”. This method includes showing a patient what he or she may already know while still introducing something new. They perform this method in order to make the patients feel comfortable while placed in a uncomfortable, scary, or overwhelming area. All staff members are highly trained with all patients and are tremendous at creating a nurturing, fun, learning experience. The doctors take pride in being fully responsible when guiding their patients to good oral health habits.

Summary of Internship

While interning with State Street Smiles, students will be given the opportunity to observe the business and clinical side of running a Dentist Office. At first most of the students time will be spent doing typical and basic intern work, which will include filing, packaging goody bags for children, shredding paper and other expected intern work. However, as the student gets more involved in knowing the staff and watching attentively he or she may be able to sit in and observe a doctor or hygienist perform procedures and check-ups on patients. Although, it should be explained not all of the experiences come from observing the doctor perform procedures on patients, but it also stems from communicating with your mentor and asking any questions you may have pertaining to the business or clinical side of it all. Dr. Eddie makes the effort towards helping in anyway he can to give you the right resources and information you may need to help you better understand the business. State Street Smiles provides a fun, inspirational, and learning experience you will take with you for the rest of your life.

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