Student Information

Student Name

Yanitza Hernandez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Palisades Medical Center

Mentor(s):Dr.Rose Lee, Lisa Campbell, Manny Viedman, Alex De

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Palisades Medical Center is a 202 bed community hospital located in North Bergen that provides acute care to its patients. It was founded in 1978. The hospital serves a population of more than 35,000 in the Hudson and Southern Bergen County areas. It has been recognized as the #1 hospital in Hudson County for treating patients with congestive heart failure. The pharmacy department at Palisades Medical Center is the department committed to safely compound and dispense medication to the patients admitted in the hospital. The pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and the interns work together to complete all orders and tasks with great care and attention.

Summary of Internship

Being able to intern at the pharmacy of Palisades Medical Center has provided me with hands-on learning of the pharmacy field. I am grateful to intern in a welcoming environment where I am free to ask questions that will enrich my learning. In these past months my interest in the field of pharmacy has been strengthened as I witness the importance of medicine in the daily lives of people. Pharmacists must be precise when dispensing a medication and its dosage because an error could be detrimental to a patientís health. As an intern I have learned to pay close attention to these details when I perform tasks such as filling labels and leaving them ready for the pharmacist to check. I am also responsible for filling patient cassettes for an assigned floor. I am particularly fond of this task because it has helped me become more familiar with generic and trade names of several drugs as well as their uses. I have also observed the procedures taken to make compounded IVs which was interesting because prior to this internship I was unaware of the meticulous work put into making them. Another task I enjoy is going on rounds, which is when I take the medication to the designated medication room on each floor. Here I place every drug where it belongs; therefore I must check what needs to be refrigerated or what belongs in a specific room number bin. Performing these tasks and shadowing pharmacy technicians while they perform their own daily duties is what makes this a plentiful experience that has aided in my decision of pursuing pharmacy in my studies.

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