Student Information

Student Name

Joshua-Dillon Rawls




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Christian International Church

Mentor(s):Juan Rawls, Norma Broomfield, Margaret Corcho

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Christian International Church is a multi-racial church carrying a global vision to bring all nations to Christ. It is a Non-Denominational Church that currently is resided in Lincoln Park, NJ and has existed for a total of 24 years under the previous name True Vine Christian Center. Eric Butler is the founder and Senior Pastor of Christian International Church, formally True Vine Christian Center, a strong growing, multi-ethnic and, non-denominational congregation. He is recognized for his preaching, teaching, and prophetic ministry. Pastor Eric has traveled throughout the United States and internationally serving as a prophetic presbyter and an apostolic leader with a heart to train and develop leaders. He is currently serving on several boards of organizations throughout the nations and has recently been appointed as a board member to Legacy Minded Men, a menís ministry in the north east. Pastor Juan Rawls, CPA serves as CIC Financial Officer. He facilitates Dave Ramsey Financial Peace seminars annually.

Summary of Internship

Internship has shown me moments that I will never forget as I continue on my path to my career. Interning at CIC has embedded a true form of responsibility and professionalism inside of my personality. Through these weeks of having my father and my aunt as my mentor I have learned how to be respectable and well rounded accountant, but also a responsible and overachieving young man. Throughout these weeks, I learned the basics and complications of accounting. I took part in activities like bank reconciliations, entering credit charges, analyzing and filing brokerage statements, submitting clientsí taxes, and balancing checking accounts. The workplace was very calming and quiet, which actually helped a lot when completing assignments. The others in the workplace were very nice and overall helpful when I needed assistance. The atmosphere was almost always tranquil, inviting. My father Mr. Rawls or Pastor Juan or simply dad is a wise character and his partner in crime, my aunt Norma is also pretty perfectionist. He is professional and looks only for respect and hard work while my aunt looks for knowledge. He has a very strict, but different way of teaching and being a mentor. He does not cut me any slack at all which really sucks. He is strict because he is my father. My aunt is less strict and more lenient she helps me get through tasks if I cannot complete them. At times Pastor Juan can make one feel incompetent, but he truly cares about his pupils and overall looks for success and motivation in them. This experience has been able to truly impact my knowledge and actions greatly, which is something I am very grateful for.

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