Student Information

Student Name

Joseph Dela Cruz




Internship Information

Company/Organization: YU & Associates

Mentor(s):George Wang

Topic of Internship

IT / Environmental Engineering

Background Information

Located in Elmwood Park, Yu & Associates is an award winning engineering firm that consults in the fields of site/civil, planning, geotechnical, and environmental services. Yu & Associates has won many awards for their efforts and accomplishments, from the American Council of Engineering Companies National Honor Award for a project in Yankee Stadium to American School & University Education Design Excellence Awards - Outstanding Buildings: Specialized Facilities for a project in Newark, New Jersey. Yu & Associates works with clients ranging from public institutions like Rutgers University to big associations like the MTA.

Summary of Internship

I was under the IT department for Yu & Associates with my mentor, George Wang. In IT, I generally do a lot of studying about different programs such as Microsoft Excel and Joomla, which is a website creator. After watching videos and understanding the concepts, I am assigned a task that utilizes those skills that will ultimately help my mentor with his work. An example of this is if my mentor asks for an excel spreadsheet that is dynamic and uses different formulas so he can just plug in a number and everything will be calculated. If George has not assigned me anything, the environmental engineers would have me research some locations that they have projects at and take notes like how many square feet is the area and take screenshots of the location on Google Maps and Bing.

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