Student Information

Student Name

Isabelle Barbosa




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dr. Castelluber//Inspire MedSpa

Mentor(s):Dr. Castelluber

Topic of Internship

Medical Spa

Background Information

After moving to the United States, Dr. Gisele Castelluber continued her residency at Saint Maryís Hospital, which is associated with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Dr. Castelluber has a fellowship in anti-aging and metabolic medicine, and she has over ten years of aesthetic practice. Medical spas offer alternative health practices while still keeping the spa setting. At Inspire MedSpa, Dr. Castelluber offers a lot more than just a regular check-up; her work ranges from physicals to IV vitamin therapy to botox. A patient can visit the office to do some blood work then perhaps do a PRP Facelift. Inspire MedSpa helps a person not only look good but also feel good.

Summary of Internship

Interning with Dr. Castelluber at Inspire MedSpa has been a very worthy experience; not only did I learn about things that have to do with the medical field, but also interpersonal skills. Being a doctor you have to know both everything medically and the proper way to communicate with patients. At internship, I shadow a medical assistant whose job is to take the patientís height, weight, blood pressure, blood (when necessary), and to order the blood work. After a few times of shadowing the medical assistant around, I was actually given the opportunity to go in the room with the patient by myself and take their height and weight. I was also taught how to work the website that you use to order the blood tests. In addition, when I sit in the front with the secretary, I am able to converse with the patients and also answer the phone when necessary. A typical day at the office features me shadowing the medical assistant when there are patients, filing when patientsí charts accumulate in the front, and assisting the secretary with whatever she needs. At Dr. Castelluberís office there is a great staff that is very kind and teaches me a lot of great things that I value.

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