Student Information

Student Name

Joel Krass




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Tomorrow Lab

Mentor(s):Shelby Thompson

Topic of Internship

Industrial Design

Background Information

Tomorrow Lab is a company that uses product design and engineering to create unique products. They work with clients and turn their client’s idea into a product that is ready to be produced and sold.

Summary of Internship

In the beginning of my internship I was given tasks that would improve my ability as a designer. These tasks included creating designs out of the elements of Morse code, recreating objects using a CAD software called SolidWorks, and creating various products such as a desk top organizer and a cellphone stand. Later on in my internship I was allowed to start designing a product of my choice. The product I chose was a toothbrush with removable bristles. This toothbrush would allow the user to dispose of only the bristles instead the entire toothbrush, which saves waste. I began be researching various topics that would be helpful to me, such as the American Dental Association specifications for toothbrush, the optimal configuration of bristles, and other toothbrushes that attempted to do the same thing as mine. After this I started designing the toothbrush. To do this I used multiple mediums including, a CAD software called Rhino and a 3D printer. Throughout the process I received lots of helpful feedback and advice from the people at Tomorrow Lab. In addition I did other tasks for Tomorrow Lab, such as doing tests for some of the products being developed.

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