Student Information

Student Name

Sharif Heatley




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Mentor(s):Vindra Marsoubian, Adam Arnofsky

Topic of Internship

Cardiac Surgery

Background Information

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center began around 1890 as a non-profit and voluntary health care facility to take care and tend to the needs of the sick and injured. It is very well-known for bloodless surgery and medicine and its 0% death rate in cardiovascular surgery. Throughout the years the Englewood Hospital grew to be even larger and began to affiliate with other Medical centers. Its major affiliation and first was with Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Mount Sinai Health System. This affiliation allowed for the Englewood Hospital to become a place of education and great research to be conducted. At Englewood Hospital and Medical Center the staff does its best to provide the best care and satisfaction for their patients.

Summary of Internship

My Internship every Thursday takes place at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. Every Thursday I intern at the Medical Center from 9am to 3pm. My day starts off with me checking into the volunteer office and leaving my journal on Ms. Vindras desk. Unfortunately Ms. Vindra could not finish the senior experience with us this year. Afterwards I head up to the 5th floor, the Cardiothoracic Surgery department. Up there, I either file papers or look up research about how Cardiac Surgery is performed. Other days when i am not on the 5th floor, i head into the Operating room. Here i meet my Mentor, Dr. Arnofsky and observe him perform the surgery. This is always an exciting experience for me because i am placed at the head of the patient where i can see directly into his open heart surgery. At first i thought there would be a lot of blood during the procedure, but the surgeons do an amazing job at avoiding a bloody scene. Before interning with Dr. Arnofksy i was set to become a Cardiac Surgeon and my plan for my future has not changed. This internship has only opened my eyes and gave me a glimpse at how my future will be. I enjoy observing surgeries that i can see myself doing in the future. I have been given a very valuable internship at the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center and plan on pursuing my goal to become a Cardiac Surgeon.

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