Student Information

Student Name

Skye Brooks




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dwight Morrow Athletics

Mentor(s):Andrea Pribula

Topic of Internship

Athletic Training

Background Information

Dwight Morrow Athletics, home of the Maroon Raiders, is located in Dwight Morrow High School. Andrea Pribula also known as “Trainer A” is the Athletic trainer. Her responsibilities include going to many of the athletic activities that are sponsored by our school, supervising the coordination of athletic events, watching over the health of the athletes, managing athletic department budgets and more. Outside of these requirements, Ms. Pribula may also participate in the development of athletic fundraising. Employees of the Athletic Department ensure that the required playing fields for all athletes are set up, ready for use and transportation is issued when needed. Prior to that, the athletic department condones only student athletes by making sure students remain eligible for sports. Dwight Morrow athletics acknowledges that school is your main priority. From the Athletic Director to the Athletic Trainer, DM Athletics promotes good sportsmanship, grades and teamwork.

Summary of Internship

At Dwight Morrow High School, every Thursday I work under a significant character in the sports world. In the afternoon, I check in with her, and from then on I can get a whole afternoon of first hand experiences of running a High School Athletics department. Ms. Pribula gives me the opportunity to work around game reports, records, and even aid in assembling the athletic equipment. Most often I retrieve my assignment for the day that can usually consist of my wrapping the players of various sports even adding them into the system. My internship helped me understand that being a High School Athletic trainer is much harder than it comes off to be. It is stressful, requires patience, and is very important in the High School world. It was an amazing experience. Go Raiders!

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