Student Information

Student Name

Lionell Binyard Jr.




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Marica Kasdan's Immigration Law Office

Mentor(s):Marcia S, Kasdan

Topic of Internship

Immigration Law

Background Information

The law office of Marcia S. Kasdan is made up of a devoted team of legal professionals with the objective of helping clients to the best of their ability. At Marcia Kasdan‘s Office, every person is expected to be a team player, affable, sympathetic, and provide the necessary knowledge to help out a client. The law office of Marcia Kasdan first started out in Paterson, NJ, but then Marcia Kasdan relocated the office to Hackensack, NJ. The reason being because of the immense opportunities that a large city can provide but also because of the convenience of Bergen County Courthouse right down the block. Moreover, like our clients the office of Marcia Kasdan is very diverse. There is a melting pot of cultures in the office hailing from Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, and the Dominican Republic. Aside from the culture aspect, this law firm provides a variety of legal assistance and aid involving immigration. Also, over the years the firm has evolved to handle and help in divorce, bankruptcy, child support, and other municipal court cases. A majority of the paralegals are bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English, which helps assuage the needs of the clients better. Marcia Kasdan herself is trilingual as she speaks English, Spanish and French; she even received her Master’s Degree in French Literature. Currently, the law firm has about 400 active cases, and every case is handled with importance, care, and empathy. At Marcia Kasdan’s Office, a client is not just a client; they are treated as family by the staff working here. While the law firm is not the biggest; it is one of the best at immigration law.

Summary of Internship

As an intern for law office of Marcia Kasdan, I became cognizant of a lot of new things. It was my first time being part of a workforce. While I was nervous and had some trepidation at first, my co-workers helped me as a team. Everyone in the office looks out for one another, and if person needs help, your co-workers will drop everything that they are doing to assist. The office was amiable and bubbly, and going into the office every day brought a smile to my face. Nevertheless, being part of immigration is not all smiles and chuckles. Immigration law can be very strenuous and one has to make sure that they are doing there absolute best to help the client. If you make a mistake about a court date, you run the risk of having a client being detained in prison or worse, being deported. With this in mind, I make sure I’m not doing anything detrimental to the client. Some of my tasks at the office include filing cases, making appointments; and connecting these appointments to their paralegals. Additionally, I also help mail out payments, bring case documents to the courthouse, and I review case files. By far my hardest task was answering the phone; the reason being is due to the fact I didn’t know Spanish. However, my co-workers and my mentor realized this and taught me some basic conversational Spanish. Learning simple Spanish words helped me aid the clients better and meet their needs. My experience and relations with everyone at the office made me value the diligence behind immigration law. It is more than just representation in front of court, because in immigration law you can make someone’s life and welfare better. I will be always thankful for the work and knowledge; such as the Spanish that my mentor Marcia Kasdan has instilled in me. I am forever grateful and cherished every minute of the office during my time there.

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