Student Information

Student Name

Alexander LaTouche




Internship Information

Company/Organization: MaxMD

Mentor(s):Kevin Williams

Topic of Internship

Customer Service/Research

Background Information

Max MD is a small company in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The company is EHNAC accredited to provide a safe way of communication for doctors, physicians, hospitals or any healthcare organizations that transfer important clinical data. With such info being transferred, there is always a risk of it being viewed by a third party that is not supposed to have access to said info. There are laws in place such as HIPAA that make sure health information is safe, but there are cases in which patient data is still accessed. MaxMD offers a number of services such as Direct mdEmail, Max Signatures, and the .md Domain. All of these services contribute to the main goal which is to make sure health professionals can send information between each other securely, without risk of being breached or viewed by another party. The company has about 10 employees that make this possible. There is a chief technology officer, executive officer, software department, as well as a customer service department.

Summary of Internship

I work in the marketing department, with my mentor Kevin Williams. I call customers that use the .md domain. When a customer purchases a domain name, they purchase it for a certain amount of time, then they have to renew it again. I check the list of expired domain names, put the customers into an excel spreadsheet and finally call them and ask if they want to renew their expired domain. Sometimes the customers answer and I help them renew their domain over the phone. Other times customers do not answer, so I leave a voicemail asking if they want to renew and later on they usually renew on their own . Besides renewal calls, I research new advancements and significant events in the Healthcare IT industry and send them to Kevin.

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