Student Information

Student Name

Monica Lancheros




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Hackensack University Medical Center of Children's

Mentor(s):Cheryl Falls

Topic of Internship

Institution for pediatric Cancer + Blood Disorder

Background Information

The Hackensack University Medical Center of Children's Hospital Research Center is a facility that provides pediatric healthcare for all young children and their parents. The hospital has been around for twenty-seven years now increasing its services and facilities to the community. Its main focus is the children and their needs, they take care of children since the day they are born throughout their adolescence and adulthood life. They provide great hospitality for each child and their families. It is known to be one of the greatest Children’s Hospital in New Jersey.

Summary of Internship

I have had the privilege to work every Thursday in the Hackensack University Medical Center of Children's Hospital Research Center/ Institution for pediatric Cancer + Blood Disorders. My mentor is Cheryl Falls a great woman who helped me and taught me so much. She has arranged a lot of shadowing with Doctors for me to do, and has made each Thursday I attend fun and interesting. There is no Thursday that I go and do not enjoy my time and learn something new. My Thursday vary from filing, moving medical folders from cabinets to cabinet, attending meetings, shadowing doctors, doing errands, helping The Tomorrow’s Children Fund and many more. Each Thursday is definitely different. I recommend this internship to anyone mostly those interested in medical field. It is a great internship and the people along with the mentor are just awesome and amazing people. They all help me and make sure that I have something to do. My mentor Cheryl Falls is such an admiring person. She not only made sure that I had a great experience through the internship program but she also talks about herself and gives me wisdom and advice about life. The internship is such a great opportunity and I thank Ms. Eaton, Cheryl Falls, and all the staff that I had the honor to work along with because they taught me so much and I have learned more than I ever thought I would about not only this specific facility but in general, Without them this would not have been a great success and experience for me.

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