Student Information

Student Name

Jason Perez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dwight Morrow High School

Mentor(s):Christina McGrath

Topic of Internship

School Events

Background Information

The Academies@Englewood is a public high school that started in 2002 and is located on the campus of Dwight Morrow High School. The students must begin the application process when they are in eighth grade as to gain entrance upon reaching their freshman year. It is a rigorous task, similar to a College application process, but it pays dividends similar to the College experience. The students must submit written essays, obtain recommendations, take a test, and complete an interview before they receive an answer. Once accepted, the students begin the long and challenging curriculum of all honors courses, ranging from high school to college level difficulties. Students have more opportunities at the Academies than most students in regular high schools are able to acquire. The Academies@Englewood is a great school that can help students excel academically and help prepare them for the future.

Summary of Internship

At Dwight Morrow High School Academies @ Englewood I was able to use my connections with the teachers to intern at a school where activities and different types of events are always going on. For example at first I worked on March Madness which is a major part of our school spirit due to the fact that all the academies compete against one another in seeing as to who has the most pride and spirit for their academy. Every Thursday I work with the English teacher Ms.McGrath who is well known for her running of the famed event. But since Iím so well known by other teachers I also assist Mrs.Browne and Ms.Rochman in any of the events they need help in as well. such as for the art department Iíve worked on he school musical and occasionally on the yearbook. My job is coming to work in the morning checking what needs to be done and once my work is completed I head out to assist all other teachers.

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