Student Information

Student Name

Amanda Grupa




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Tempio and Ramos LLC

Mentor(s):Charles Tempio, Alfredo Ramos Jr

Topic of Internship

Law firm

Background Information

Tempio & Ramos, LLC is a multi-service law firm located in Garfield, New Jersey, Bergen County. The attorneys have experience in handling a myriad of legal matters including, but not limited to, debt collection, consumer and commercial debt defense, criminal defense, municipal court, family law/divorce, personal injury, workers’ compensation, real estate transactions, alternative dispute resolution, landlord/tenant, wills, commercial law, civil litigation and administrative proceedings. The Partners of Tempio & Ramos, LLC, Charles Tempio and Alfredo Ramos Jr, have trial experience and have handled hundreds of cases with the majority of them being Municipal Court matters.

Summary of Internship

Starting in the beginning of the school year, I was given the privilege to work as an intern at Tempio and Ramos Law Firm. This experience has allowed me to work hands on in the office every Thursday as opposed to learning in a classroom. From the first time being in the office, I was welcomed as one of the members on their team. Every Thursday morning, I was greeted with a stack of documents that my mentors showed me how to fill out. They were both very helpful in my process of learning how everything was supposed to be. My work ranged from mailing out attorney advertising letters to important client contracts and court documents. I have been closely involved in many divorce cases that came into the office and I learned a lot about the people that came in. I was also able to observe a court proceeding with Mr. Ramos. This experience has shown me the great deal of work that goes into legal proceedings that occur in our courtrooms. I am happy to know that while I am in the field of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, lawyers such as these will be defending the rights of innocent citizens.

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