Student Information

Student Name

Jonathan Choi




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe

Mentor(s):Ms. Miledys Rosario

Topic of Internship

Hospitality and Tourism

Background Information

The Marriott at Glenpointe is one of the four thousand hotels owned by Marriott. Marriott is a large corporation that has locations in over eighty areas and the Marriott hotels are specifically designed for those who are traveling. They offer a unique experience with exceptional service delivered by a friendly and qualified staff. The Marriott at Glenpointe is associated with Marriott but is owned by an even larger company called Whitelodging. Whitelodging took over this hotel several years ago and has implemented a new set of guidelines that have only made the hotel better. The Marriott consists of several departments such as human resources, restaurant, kitchen, drink and beverage, ballroom, accounting, sales, front desk, engineering, and much more. The functions that each of these departments serve is vital to the entire operation of this hotel.

Summary of Internship

My mentor was Miledys Rosario and she is the second in command of the entire human resource department. Although my mentor was part of the human resources department I was not bound to just this one department. I was able to go to almost all of the departments that didnít require specific skills and learn how each one runs. I was able to work at the restaurant and host the guest at the hotel, work in housekeeping and see how rooms are cleaned, accounting to see how the files of all the financial documents are kept, and even the engineering department to see how minor and major breakdowns can be fixed. By traveling between departments every week I was able to gather a pretty good idea of how a hotel operates and what it takes to keep the guests happy with their stay. Through this internship I was able to have a multifaceted experience like no other.

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