Student Information

Student Name

Piotr Puzio




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Acadmies@Englewood

Mentor(s):Mr. Moheb Mechail

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Academies@Englewood is a magnet high school that was established in 2002 by Dr. John Grieco located in Englewood, New Jersey. The school offers its students five academies to enroll in: Pre-Engineering, Biomedicine, Law and Public Safety, Finance, and Information Systems. Students here are tested and given challenges to overcome in the form of homework, tests, quizzes, etc. In addition, students take part in Senior Experience once they reach their final year where they take upon the responsibility of an internship.

Summary of Internship

As an intern for the head of the science department, I have a variety of work. My work ranges from clerical work all the way to researching and sometimes designing labs to be used for his AP Physics 2 class. The clerical includes filing documents and work, as well as making copies that are to be distributed to AP classes. In regards to labs, I am tasked with researching types of experiments for his AP Physics 2 class to perform and learn for whatever unit they are currently learning. I gather information and put together a lab, and then I go gather the necessary materials needed to perform said lab. This internship taught me that organization, patience, and perfection are very important in order to accomplish whatever task I am assigned.

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