Student Information

Student Name

Brandon Graham




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Sam Lee TV

Mentor(s):Samuel Lee

Topic of Internship


Background Information

With the guidance of my mentor, Mr. Lee, you assist Ms. Eaton in interviewing interns and their mentors to give insight on internship opportunities for future seniors. These interviews are part of a documentary on the Senior Experience, which Ms. Eaton will be able to present when representing the Academies @ Englewood at various events. “The Senior Experience internship is an interactive learning partnership through which students increase, in depth and scope, their knowledge and abilities in a selected area of study under the guidance of a mentor(s).” This internship opens the door to multiple opportunities at networking with professionals from a number of different fields. In addition, it gives the intern a better understanding of what their classmates do every Thursday and allows them to compare and contrast the duties and responsibilities of interns in various areas of work.

Summary of Internship

A typical internship day starts with me meeting Ms. Eaton in whatever area we may visiting students. If we visit any students interning in the city, we meet at Port Authority. From there we make note of all the stops we have to make and travel according to our schedule. Once we get to the places, we greet the mentors and interns and ask them questions in regards to the internships. We typically ask what the intern’s responsibilities include, what they’ve gained from the apprenticeship, and we make sure to ask what the mentor has also gained. When we conclude our interview, we converse for a few after and head on to the next visit.

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