Student Information

Student Name

Sylwia Janiak




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Academies @ Englewood

Mentor(s):Mr. Ravitz

Topic of Internship

Computer Science

Background Information

The Academies @ Englewood is the academic honors program of Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood, New Jersey. It was created by Dr. John Grieco in an effort to diversify Dwight Morrow High School. The program was officially established in 2002 with four academic focuses: Information Systems, Law and Public Safety, Finance, and Pre-Engineering. The Bio-Medicine academic focus was added in 2004, two years after the program was founded. Students from various towns in Bergen, Passaic, and Hudson counties apply to the Academies @ Englewood program to enroll in higher educated courses and attend one of the five academic focuses under the program. The Academies @ Englewood also encourages high school students to prepare themselves for college.

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday I would arrive on campus at 7:30 A.M. using my regular school bus as transportation to my internship. I would wait in the South Building cafeteria before heading to Mr. Ravitzí room, my mentor, and receiving my instructions for the days work. The assignments mainly ranged between computer programming in PHP, using MySQL, and learning about the interior of technological devices such as the Macbook Air. The main purpose of my internship was to find a way to make an announcement system that would appear on the TVís located around the DMAE campus. The project was rather complicated for me to understand at first, but each week I learned something new on the topic. Usually I would stay in Room 416, Mr. Ravitzí classroom, because my assignmentís necessities were limited to one computer. Occasionally I would be asked by other teachers for help with their technological issues, but this was fairly rare. I would take a lunch break around the same time I had lunch during my regular school day, fifth period, and spend it with either Mr. Ravitz, Mr. Mechail, or Ms. Rochman. Afterward I would continue to work on my assignments or study programming from one of the three books that Mr. Ravitz lent me. Every once in a while I would program in the C++ programming language because my interests lay in video game development. It was way more difficult to learn how to program a game than a website page, but the agonizing hours staring at a screen helped me realize that the satisfaction of finishing the code and understanding at least 15% of it were both breathtaking and exhilarating. My experience in programming at this internship has not only helped me understand how programming came to be and how important it is in the world today, but also opened my interest into programming. Before this internship I was unaware of whether or not this would be a good career path to follow. However, interning with Mr. Ravitz helped me learn many new things and I am very grateful for the opportunity he gave me, especially for a senior who was hesitant as to what major she should take in college.

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