Student Information

Student Name

Laura Pena




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Inkput Digital LLc

Mentor(s):Joe Ayala

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Inkput Llc. strives for the best service available. They are committed to providing the product for your needs whether it is a small sign for your own business or a backdrop for a show. Inkput is a fairly small company with big projects working constantly to fulfill the needs of their customers. They are focused on creating prints on all kinds of materials such as prints on wood, glass or even something for typical posters such as Ultraboard. Not only does this company print on multiple surfaces and multiple sizes, they also make prints of all shapes. Whether it is a simple arrow or something round, your prints can be cutout to the shape of your image. No matter what the project requires, Inkput always looks for a way to complete it and leave their customers absolutely satisfied.

Summary of Internship

At this internship I was incredibly lucky to have a mentor who knows a world of information. I was able to shadow my mentor and realize how projects are completed. From simply learning how to prepare files for printing to even overseeing what maintenance and repairs their printers required. I was also even shown other types of printing processes not done at their company such as using heat transfer or even cutting out objects with a laser. I was fortunate enough that I also learned more than just about the company. My mentor was full of knowledge which he was more than willing to share and I learned about the essential things one must keep in mind when running a company and dealing with customers. I learned many life lessons and how to look at things not just how they look overall, but the technical aspects of the product itself. I was even shown the basics of programs such as QuickBooks or Peachtree. Ultimately, this internship allows one to learn about how a company runs, many types of productions and how they work, the intricate ways of printing, and how to ultimately complete tasks efficiently and addressing possible future setbacks before they occur.

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