Student Information

Student Name

Noufel Benteftifa




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Helidex Offshore

Mentor(s):Chawki Benteftifa

Topic of Internship

Strucural Engineering/Business

Background Information

Helidex Offshore, with a main office in East Rutherford, New Jersey and two manufacturing plants in Gaffney and Spartanburg, South Carolina, specializes in the design and manufacturing of aluminum helidecks for the offshore oil industry. They also supply rooftop aluminum helipads. Helidex is one of the four major suppliers of aluminum helidecks for the offshore industry in the world. Both engineering and fabrication are done in-house by qualified engineers, designers, and fabricators. Helidex Offshore enjoys a worldwide reputation for innovative designs, unmatched lead times for supply and excellent customer service.

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday, I get the unique opportunity to get experience in both the engineering and business worlds. Instead of going to class the whole week, I get one day solely devoted to my internship. My duties and tasks vary greatly week to week depending on what needs to be done in the office. As for some my engineering duties, I have produced preliminary design drawings for helidecks on AutoCAD, tested samples, and later approved those samples. Some of business duties include interacting with clients, helping out other workers, and maintaining procurement documents. Our clients are all in countries outside the US which also give me exposure to business dealings around the world. Overall, this internship gives me a hands on experience for two different fields enabling me to have flexibility for my future career plans.

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