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Nathalie Adam




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Valley Hospital

Mentor(s):Katie Millers

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Background Information

Serving more than 440000 people and 32 towns in Bergen County, Valley Hospital is a non-for-profit hospital working to assist those in need, and care, and essentially every individual who walks in through the doors. The town of Ridgewood is as Nan Goldberg would state, ď one of those suburban towns that seems just perfectĒ, which prompted the creation of Valley Hospital. Established in 1951, Valley Hospital started out with 108 beds, 22 bassinets, and a staff of only 87 people. Before Valley was created, the territory was a horse paddock. Because of its, village like qualities, here are many rules that puts restrictions on density, height, and lot coverage on many buildings including that of the hospital. This limits the hospital to having no more than four floors. Still following the restriction set forth, valley hospital conquered and was able to expand to a 15.6-acre h zone and attain 451 beds. This put them directly into competition with Hackensack University Medical center. Valley Hospital earned the gold seal of approval from the Joint Capacity and during the year of 2014, Valley incredibly admitted a total of 47,354 patients. Statistics read that 74,416 were admitted into the Emergency Department and 3,254 babies were born. For many years, Valley Hospital has been issued numerous awards including for their service excellence for a total of nine consecutive years under the J.D power and Associates Program

Summary of Internship

When senior year approached and it was time to pick an internship I never knew that I would go far away from my own town of residence. Valley hospital was a new awakening not only professionally, but also educationally. I started off in the NICU unit and at first I had a rough start. I felt unwanted and I felt rejected as an intern. This feeling lasted till I met a wonderful doctor. He taught me that success is not just waiting for you; you have to take it upon yourself to earn it. I met wonderful people such as Dr. Manginello, and different nurses like Nora, Maribel, and Eileen. These individuals taught me that I canít sit around and wait for an opportunity to hit me but I Have to grab it, and this was essential to the path that I was determined to take in my medical career. Before interning at valley Hospital I expected an opportunity full of new observations, but besides this I learned even more. I have a realistic image of the medical field in which I can prepare myself for what to expect when I reach thatís stage in my life. What I loved most about interning at Valley hospital was that there were a wide variety of departments to pick from such as the Emergency Department, Same Day Medical, Cardiac Department, or even in Laboratory care. I was able to switch form one rotation, which was NICI to a second, which is currently Pediatrics. Every Thursday that I attended internship I didnít dread it, but was excited at the new opportunities that I was pleasured to capture. While being in NICU, I was able to see different procedures, and learn many disorders that babies can attain when giving birth to. One special doctor, dr. Pane made sure that I did not come into the NICU department shallow, but gave me assignments to make sure that I would understand all the procedure that I would potentially see and for this I felt like I belonged. In Pediatrics, I helped the nurses around with filing and shadowed them through their every day patients. Through my stay here, I not only learned many key points in how I should develop as I get older, but also new knowledge that I will carry out for the rest of my life. In many situations, some things got overwhelming, but with the help of the nurses around me, my internship at Valley Hospital will be an unforgettable experience.

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