Student Information

Student Name

Edwin Madera




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Elika Real Estate

Mentor(s):Gea Elika

Topic of Internship

Real Estate

Background Information

Elika Real Estate is not like every other real estate firm. Elika real estate is a boutique real estate company, they are a buyer’s only agency. They always put their customers first and always accommodate to the customers’ needs. They located are in the Noho, NYC. Elika real estate helps you step by step with the buying process. You are guaranteed great service from any of the agents that work at Elika real estate. The best part is that the fee is paid by the seller. Elika real estate will make sure your buying process go smoothly.

Summary of Internship

Being at Elika real estate has gave me a great experience. Every thursday morning at 9:30 I arrive to the office greet my mentor and he gives me what have to do for the day. First thing I do is update the books for the clients who have properties managed by the firm and update the firms’ accounts. I use quickbooks and a database that we use to keep track of the properties the firm manages. What I do mainly varies from week to week. I helped my mentor promote a new book he wrote through social media. I help update the company’s website, its never boring my mentor likes to keep me doing different things. One time I went to check up on a apartment for my mentor. The tasks vary and I really enjoy it. This internship has helped gain a real world work experience and I am learning each week I go.

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