Student Information

Student Name

Jillian Salvodon




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Humane Society of New York

Mentor(s):Dr. Rubinstein

Topic of Internship

Veterinary Medicine

Background Information

The Humane Society of New York has been a presence in New York City since 1904, founded to protect the city's horses against abuse; They Care for animals in need when they experience illness, injury or homelessness strikes. The society fought for laws to punish ignorant owners and place watering troughs in streets and parks for the working horses. As HSNY expand, it now includes a medical clinic and an adoption center for cats and dogs. Today the Vladimir Horowitz and Wanda Toscanini Horowitz Adoption Center help more than 38,000 dogs and cats annually, and their numbers continue to grow. At the Society, the quality of each animal's life is vital. HSNY considers their physical and emotional needs when taking responsibility for their care. Seven days a week, animal owners with limited means turn to the Society for quality veterinary care at affordable rates. The services provided range from basic wellness care to spay/neuter to advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures. Neediest cases receive full or partial cost coverage for care; costs are covered through the Society's Animal Emergency Appeal.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at the HSNY, I am exposed to aspects of veterinary medicine. I primarily stay in the examination room, helping Dr. Rubinstein run tests, record-keeping, and occasionally hold animals during exams, and prepare vaccines. I also view surgeries, such as neuters, spays, and foreign body removals. As a result of my internship at the HSNY, I have had the great opportunity to get firsthand experience on what a veterinarian will do, as well as learn about the basics of being in this field. I highly recommend the HSNY for anyone considering to become a vet.

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