Student Information

Student Name

Melanie Sunga




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Straight from the Lab Productions

Mentor(s):aReJay Ella

Topic of Internship

Music Production, Audio Engineering

Background Information

Straight from the Lab Productions is a team of “aspiring individuals that are thoroughly experienced in the music industry.” Without a specific location, this team uses high quality recording studios located in New York City. Filly Rodriguez is the founder and audio engineer of the team, John “JEM” Montero as mixing engineer, Jordi Pujadas as producer, Troy.Atlas as audio engineer, my mentor, aReJay Ella, as audio engineer and composer, and Eric Rios as the social media intern. As of 2011, this team was ranked as the second “Top Upcoming Production Team” in the Tri-State Area. This company emphasizes versatile talent in audio engineering, mixing, sound design, and music composition. Straight from the Lab Productions caters to several genres comprising Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic Dance Music, Pop, Dubstep and more. All Team members seek to branch into other departments including photography, film making, and event coordinating. Their ultimate goal is “to be a one-stop-shop for new artists.”

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday, I get the opportunity to intern for aReJay Ella. I was very lucky to have known him beforehand. This internship focuses on musical improvement with a one-on-one connection between the mentor and intern; therefore, I don’t specifically intern at the locations of Straight from the Lab Productions. As an intern for aReJay Ella, I do many things that a typical intern for a producer wouldn’t be able to do. Instead of going through the hassle of going to NYC each week, I go to aReJay’s house because he has a home studio. This personal connection benefits me more as a musician. aReJay is someone I highly look up to and trust with my music, like he’s my own father when it comes to music. He is a singer/songwriter himself, so I get a lot of inspiration from him. A lot of music interns don’t usually get the direct contact with what they want to do, such as recording or mixing. Instead, they tend to answer client calls, do paper work, or just simply shadow. Fortunately, I get the full hands-on experience. As a singer/songwriter, I want to be able to record my own music, improve on songwriting and performing; therefore, my mentor accommodates every aspect of that. Each week would be different, unless I’m doing a project, such as creating an EP. I would compose music one week, then audio engineer the next. Interning for aReJay continuously teaches me the essential things that are required to know that involve the music industry. Communication skills, networking, audio engineering, songwriting, and performing all build me up as an ideal musician in the industry. Each day I intern for aReJay, I learn something new, which helps me carve the path I want for myself after high school. I am extremely grateful for being his intern. In the coming future, I will be a successful musician and it’ll be all because of Mr. aReJay Ella.

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