Student Information

Student Name

Joon Seonwoo




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Ephatha Mental Health Associate

Mentor(s):Grace Lee

Topic of Internship

Psychiatristís Office

Background Information

Ephatha Mental Health Associates is an outpatient psychiatric office. The main psychiatrist is Dr. Lee, and he oversees all the patients. There are also other therapists and doctors that help out Dr.Lee treat patients. The mental health facility oversees thousands of patients and deal with all the different symptoms and illnesses. It is located in 566 Grand Avenue, Ridgefield, NJ 07657. In order to get in contact, the phone number is 201-313-8000, and the fax number is 201-313-8002. The email is, but the office facility prefers phone calls over emails.

Summary of Internship

During the internship at the doctorís office, intern helps out other receptionists. Intern is required to speak and understand Korean and English because this office deals with many Koreans. When interning in a psychiatristís office, one cannot reveal the information of any patients to anyone other than the patient or their guardian. Intern would have to file papers, call multiple insurance companies, call patients, and receive many phone calls. Intern call the insurance companies to check the benefit and eligibility of the patient, and most of the time, insurance companies take long time to answer the phone. Next, intern helps the receptionist answer the phone calls, and the type of calls the office receives varies depending on the patients and reasons for calling. Intern also helps the receptionists call the patients scheduled for next day to confirm their attendance. Once all the patients are confirmed, intern assists other receptionist to create schedule for doctor to see and use in EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Other than these main tasks, intern aids other receptionist in dealing with different kind of patients every time. All workers are required to behave while working in the office, and can never argue or fight with the patients.

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