Student Information

Student Name

Kyle Arroyo




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bodyworks Rehab

Mentor(s):Madeline Bansil, Valentine Villarba, Dulce Luna

Topic of Internship

Physical Therapy

Background Information

Located on 399 S. Washington Ave. in Bergenfield, this rehabilitation center is constantly growing. The small staff is extraordinarily friendly and helpful. Therapists devote and make use of the entire time allotted with their patients. Patients who walk into Bodyworks Rehab are treated like family. Choosing to recover from your injuries here will be quick because you will enjoy your experience. Itís very easy to develop great relationships with the staff here.

Summary of Internship

I would come in around noon time and start off my day with greeting the staff and patients. Itís very satisfying interacting with new people every time I come here on Thursday because they always have something interesting to say. There is a moderate amount of patients after noon, and the peak time is around 4 until 8. Around this time is when most people would come to receive therapy after their work. I would assist the front desk with any filing or copying that had to be done, then I would assist any staff who needed help on the floor of the facility. The floor was where the patients performed their exercises. I would assist therapists needing heating pads, ice, or electric stimulation pads. In addition to helping therapists, I would stand by, with permission from the patient, and observe the therapist perform stretches and exercises with the patient. Usually the therapist would give a mini lecture explaining the function of some muscles or the nature of some injuries or diseases. Physical therapists will become your best friends during the recovery process because they will try to make you as comfortable as possible during the delicate time period of injury recovery. In this facility, the staff will treat you like family and make sure your short stay is as pleasant as possible. I am extremely grateful for having interned here and will cherish the relationships I have built with the staff here.

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