Student Information

Student Name

Monae Anderson




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Mentor(s):Carol Hoth, Vindra Marsoubian, Carolyn Brown

Topic of Internship

Hospitalist Department

Background Information

The Englewood Hospital was incorporated in 1888. This hospital and medical center provides patients with compassionate care along with diagnostic services and advanced treatments. In the hospital, there are 250 beds. In the section of the Hospitalist care, there is a team of physicians who help out patients who are hospitalized. These teams contain physicians who see hospitalized patients who have been referred from emergency room doctors, primary care doctors, or other physicians at the hospital. The team members are Tanganyika A. Barnes, Seth Ilias Breitbart, Craigh Bryan, Joseph Fleischer, Leroy C. Floyd, Yelena Galumyan, Izabela Nowosielski who is Chief of Hospital Medicine, Ngozi Okeke, Donjeta Sulaj, Suzana C. Tapia and Carolyn Brown who is the Administrative Assistant. These Doctors also hold appointments at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Many of these physicians have an outstanding broad range of academic interests from “venous thromboembolic disease, rapid response teams, and cardiac arrest to system innovations that improve hospital efficiency”.

Summary of Internship

My internship at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center has been a wonderful experience. I shadow a team of residents and a physician every Thursday. I have had the opportunity to be involved in discussions regarding the patient’s condition and the best route to take when treating the patient. It is very interesting to see the physician and the residents talk about the different procedures they can do to make this patient feel comfortable and get them discharged out of the hospital soon. Afterwards, I follow the team and visit the patients that were discussed during the meeting. This department has given me the chance to enhance my medical terminology and observe how the doctors accommodate the patients’ needs. I would recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in becoming a doctor or wants to have a profession in the medical field. This internship gave me a chance to observe firsthand what a doctor does on an everyday basis and get a taste of what I will do in the future.

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