Student Information

Student Name

Andy Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: ChamDoen Presbyterian Church

Mentor(s):John B Yeo

Topic of Internship

Youth Group Organizations Across the Globe

Background Information

ChamDoen Presbyterian Church (or CDPC) strives to secure faith among both Presbyterians and non-believers about the importance of Christianity and its ability to reach out to people of all ages and ethnic groups. ChamDoen’s ministry is spread across the globe, and the nearest location is found at 24 West Sheffield Ave, Englewood (five minutes from A@E). CDPC’s main language is Korean with its sermons spread widely through the many pastors. There are four adult service times to help those fit their schedules comfortably, along with services for youth group, young adults, children, and English Ministry. There are certain sermons available throughout the week, but the main ones are on Sundays.

Summary of Internship

During my internship, I meet with the youth group pastor, Pastor John Yeo, and I help him organize the youth group ministry. On an average Thursday, we would meet at church and plan for the next youth group services, generally on Fridays and Sundays. For more particular events, like Christmas and Pubic Christian gatherings, we would decide on what we would specifically do and what activities/ideas we can have in store for the youth group. I also help my mentor prepare any other events, such as outings or any trips.

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