Student Information

Student Name

Asjia Williams




Internship Information

Company/Organization: the ZONE

Mentor(s):Ms. Elizabeth (Liz) Corsini

Topic of Internship

School Based Youth Services

Background Information

The ZONE is a School Based Youth Service Program funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families and operated by the Bergen Family Center. The purpose of the ZONE is to help the target population of 1,100 students on the Dwight Morrow High School/Academies @ Englewood Campus. The ZONE provides Academic Support, Individual and Group counseling, LGBTQ Services and Programs, Access to Health Service. Additionally, Leadership and Service, Public Health and Prevention, Violence Prevention Services, Employment Readiness and Placement Services are also provided. The mission “is to build upon the strengths and capabilities of students as they strive for academic achievement and emotional and social wellness”. Not only will students better themselves, but they are getting prepped to better the world as well. Now, behind a strong organization, there is a strong staff to keep the motivation. The ZONE’s staff consist of these people: Ms. Liz Corsini who is the Director Ms. Maria Mulry who is the Assistant program Manager, Ms. Mariam Gerges who is the Senior Clinician. Ms. Jendi Johnny is the Youth Development Specialist and Teen PEP advisor. Ms. Amy Fubrikant-Eagan is the Literacy coach and LGBTQ advocate and Trainer. Ms. Juanita Gaddy is the Employment Coordinator and MS. Andrea Eckert, Clinician at the Zone. Scott Thomson, who is a Ramapo student who comes and mentors the students at DMHS/AE.

Summary of Internship

Being an intern requires me to continue being active, social, attentive, and hardworking. There is a lot of work to be done while being an intern, nothing is ever easy, not even in a relaxed environment. Not only do I learn how to do different projects, I also am taught more leadership skills and how to handle heavy or light tasks. During my internship experience, I have the opportunity to get the behind the scenes action on things and how they operate. For example, when The Young Women’s Leadership Council was being developed, I had applied for the position. Just like everyone else, I went through the application process and had a great interview, but I had not gotten a position. I wasn’t mad or anything, but I found out that what was going to be taught through the council, I already had these leadership skills. Another example is me sitting on the meetings and hearing the staff discuss what each group should and will be doing. So far, each group has had a successful dress for success day. Thus, upcoming in the spring, there will be a pep rally that both councils are completely planning for. As an intern, I still manage to see how everything works and how well my coworkers have group discussion with the students during their lunch or free. I remember when I had do lead a discussion in the ZONE based on abuse. It looked easy, but it was nothing like that, I guess that’s why there are interns, to see how to operate a proper discussion with other students in a respectable manner. It was an experience that had I yet to experience, but when I did…man was it hard. Even though it was hard, I still had to have perseverance and at least try so I can say I had accomplished a goal. By being an intern with the ZONE, it is helping me to learn different tasks. Working with the ZONE, I learn about planning events, counseling, councils, preparation for big events, and most importantly responsibility.

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