Student Information

Student Name

Mateo Lopez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Langan Engineering and Environmental Services

Mentor(s):Anushree Raina

Topic of Internship

Civil Engineering

Background Information

Langan Engineering & Environmental Services provides site development engineering and environmental consulting for private developers, public agencies, property owners, and institutional clients around the world. Founded in 1970, Langan employs more than 500 professionals in its Elmwood Park, NJ headquarters and among regional offices in: New York City, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Bethlehem, PA, Doylestown, PA, New Haven, CT, Trenton, NJ, Arlington, VA, Miami, FL, Tallahassee, FL, Las Vegas, NV, and Los Angeles, CA. Langan is listed among the Top 100 Design Firms in Engineering News Record (ENR). The firm consistently ranks among the Top 5 Best Engineering Firms to Work For by Civil Engineering News and among the top 30 Green Design Firms by ENR.

Summary of Internship

My internship experience was a very exciting time because i was able to do the field i really enjoy. I worked with many different groups of Civil engineer even counting my brothers group. During the time i was here the few groups i worked with, had won a very big projects. These projects were all with recreating cities and different buildings which is a really big accomplishment for the company to win and complete. My main responsibilities as a civil engineer was to keep track of all the projects and then fill out permit requests. After I learned the basic commands for drawing in AutoCAD and my skills in the program increased, I was able to help out with more difficult drawings. The drawings I made where important designs for special projects, concept plans, and lastly small change to other designs. The greatest experience of this internship was to work with the few cities that were being recreated. A lot of work went into these plans but, i was able to learn that everything does not always get built as drawn by the engineers. As an intern I could not go on site visits but from the pictures that were collected you are able to notice that it is not the same.

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