Student Information

Student Name

Alicia Pena




Internship Information

Company/Organization: EPSD

Mentor(s):Dr. Gary Hollander

Topic of Internship

Music Department

Background Information

The Englewood Public School District (EPSD) consists of five public schools; Donald A. Quarles Early Childhood Center, Dr. John Grieco Elementary School, McCloud Elementary School, Janis Dismus Middle School, and Dwight Morrow High School/Academies @ Englewood. McCloud Elementary School principal is Mr. Michael Brown and this school contains 4th through 6th graders.Janis Dismus Middle School is consisted of 7th through 8th graders who are separated into four different ivy league colleges such as Harvard, Columbia, Yale, and Princeton. Janis Dismus Middle school principal is Mr. Lamarr Thomas. Dwight Morrow High School is a public high school that accommodates over a thousand students a year; 9th through 12th grade. The school has a principal Mr. Peter Elbert a vice Principal Mr. Joseph Armental. There are 2 buildings. One building houses the Academy Program and the other building houses the comprehensive side and the special education programs.

Summary of Internship

Dr. Hollander is in charge of the music program here in the district plus the director of the most prestigious group the town has ever seen before, the marching band who has over 150 members. My job consists of helping with beginning music players and organize upcoming events. My day always starts in the middle school and there I am either helping out beginning instrumentalists, or in his office doing paperwork, or running to do photocopies. Right after first period ends, we have to make our way to McCloud. My job in McCloud was to help beginning flute players; how to use proper breathing techniques, how to read music, how to assemble the instrument, the fingerings and how they sound. I wasnít just sitting in his classroom while he taught music. I was really hands on with my internship. I got to learn how music connects with students from different age groups. I also got to see the behind the scenes of what goes on with the marching band which as a member was pretty cool to see. For example the planning of Bergen Blowout, the upcoming football season, and upcoming band trips. Also got to see the relationship this community has with the music department. Thereís a partnership with Lexus of Englewood, O.Dibella Music, and Bergen PAC. Itís really cool to see how much support the community has for music.

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