Student Information

Student Name

Samuel Fennell




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Mentor(s):Carol Hoth and Vindra Marsoubian

Topic of Internship

Physical Therapy

Background Information

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is one of the well-known hospitals in the greater Bergen county area. It started in the late nineteenth century as a nonprofit and voluntary health care facility to help heal the wounds and lives of many in the area. Nevertheless, since then the facility as grown and flourished into a top hospital that even joins with others. It first joined with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. With this joining, the students of Mount Sinai medical school could have a firsthand look at really what goes on in the medical field. As the decades have come and go, the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center has grown to become one of the most respected hospitals in North Jersey with a staff that is fully committed to getting the job done.

Summary of Internship

Once a week, on Thursdays, I attend the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center located on 350 Engle St. in Englewood, NJ. My internship begins at nine in the morning and ends a two in the afternoon. At nine, after arriving to the hospital, I would go down to the basement and sign in with my mentor, Vendra who unfortunately is no longer with us. After signing in, I would walk to the second floor where the physical therapy department is located. While in the physical therapy department the first thing I would do is arrive and clean all the equipment. This equipment included the patient beds, gym machines, hot and cold pack machines and ultrasound machines. Once I am done with cleaning all the equipment, I would help the department copy much needed documents After about copying for thirty minutes to an hour, I would file documents in the patients cabinet. By this time, the day would have come to an end. Every once and a while, I would go the “OR” or operation room and watch surgeries. On these days I would arrive to the hospital at eight, go sign into the volunteer office and then report to the operating room. I would stay there and watch surgeries for about two hours and then return to the physical therapy department.

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