Student Information

Student Name

Melissa Hernandez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dwight Morrow Academies @ Englewood

Mentor(s):Ms. Flores

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Dwight Morrow Academies @ Englewood is a magnet school-of-choice with five individualized career-focused programs; Biomedicine Academy, Finance Academy, Information Systems Academy, Law and Public Safety Academy, and Pre-Engineering Academy. Each Academy program incorporates an innovative approach to education that relies extensively on a technologically-infused, and project-driven curriculum. In addition, to taking all honors-level core courses in science, math and the humanities, DMAE students have the opportunity to select courses specifically related to their career-focus of study during their high school career. The Principal is Peter Elbert, the Assistant Principal is Joseph Armental, the Assistant Principal is Laura Satterfield-Mathieu, the Director of Guidance is Dr. Noel Gordon, and the Supervisor of Health and Physical Education is Carol Ann Bender.

Summary of Internship

My motivation to pursue this internship is my love for kids, and helping the younger generations learn. Dwight Morrow Academies @ Englewood was personally an amazing choice because it is my current high school; thus, it made me feel at home and comfortable. The internship takes place each Thursday for the “full business day” of senior year. Senior Experience is a great privilege which is a greatly appreciated opportunity and I am very thankful to Ms. Eaton, Ms. Flores, and Ms. Rochman for making it possible. Essentially, Senior Experience extends the principle of hands-on learning beyond school walls to the workplace. My internship has allowed me to establish an interactive learning partnership that increased my knowledge, skills, abilities in teaching spanish, and engage in the culture. Choosing a career is a hard decision, and teaching was one of the few that interested me the most. To have attained this internship I gained a lot more than I expected. I got to experience many on the daily basis scenarios as a teacher i.e. teaching, reviewing keynote presentations, helping students, preparing, assessing students knowledge of content and much more. Although my main target of students who I want to teach is elementary, my internship at this high school has been a great experience and complex. I have a passion for teaching, specifically Spanish, which I wish to pursue and major in college.

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