Student Information

Student Name

Maya Shvarts




Internship Information

Company/Organization: New York Presbyterian- Weill Cornell Medical Colle

Mentor(s):Dr. Demetri Merianos & Dr. Shaun Steigman

Topic of Internship

Pediatric Surgery

Background Information

The Weill Cornell Medical Center (WCMC), founded in 1898, is a private teaching hospital located on 68th Street in New York City. It provides excellent patient care and, in conjunction with both Cornell and Columbia Universities provides an excellent place of practice for residents and medical students. Specifically, the Weill Cornell Medical Center is dedicated in providing quality healthcare to patients while also focusing on conducting extensive and novel medical research towards the advancement of medicine. With over 180 departments and programs within the facility, Weill-Cornell Medical Center is able to accommodate a wide array of patients. Overall, this institution strives to serve those in need and improving care for future patients through its dedicated medical staff.

Summary of Internship

As an intern under Dr. Demetri Merianos and Dr. Shaun Steigman in the Department of Pediatric Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical Center, I am able to be exposed to not only the clinical office building setting, but also to the operating section of WCMC. A typical day at internship would consist of shadowing either Dr. Merianos or Dr. Steigman in their pre- op and or post- op appointments in the 7th floor pediatric surgery clinic. After clinic, I have the opportunity to follow my mentor to the inpatient floor and visit patients either in the PICU or NICU and watch my mentor interact with the patient and their families, as well as other medical staff involved in the care-taking of this patient. On some occasions, instead of attending clinic, my mentor will have a case scheduled, which translates to an opportunity to observe a surgery in the operating room. Overall, the patient care experiences, clinical treatment observations, and operating room visits have allowed me to harness unparalleled medical knowledge and experience that I know will help someone like me; someone who wants to go into the field of medicine. My internship has definitely been a rewarding experience and is ideal for anyone who wants to explore the field of medicine and patient care. 

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