Student Information

Student Name

Dominica Dul




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Tusk USA

Mentor(s):Ellen O'Connell

Topic of Internship

Nonprofit/ Wildlife Conservation/ International Re

Background Information

Tusk is an international nonprofit conservation organization that works throughout Africa to save its wildlife by teaching people the benefits of preserving the wild. Tusk’s philosophy lies on the foundation that the only way to preserve precious endangered animals such as elephants, rhinos and turtles is to teach the people of Africa that wildlife is not a threat but instead an essential part of nature in order to create a productive environment. Over the years, the people of Africa have associated wildlife with a bad connotation, because different animals such as lions are a threat to many communities and even though poachers and thieves kill and steal wildlife for their own benefits, villagers do not take an active role to prevent these tragedies. Therefore, Tusk works to show that having wildlife can create opportunities for jobs and education and can be incorporated into a well-functioning symbiosis.

Summary of Internship

As an intern representing Tusk USA, I have been given a unique opportunity to learn about the requirements and hard work necessary to create a diversified, efficient and productive nonprofit organization. Throughout these past months, I have been assigned many research projects varying from topics such as the principles and values of successful nonprofits to the importance of social media and the rebranding of nonprofits. I have also been exposed to new experiences, which have allowed me to acquire new skill sets. For example, I have been able to learn how to record an invoice for donors, how to write a request for proposal for different companies as well as the complex process of networking and event planning. Working for a nonprofit is an extremely difficult yet exiting and rewarding career because the job does not have a specific outline. The job requires one to be self-motivated towards a larger cause and to be adaptable to various social situations being that one day can be spent meeting with potential donors for lunch while the next can take you to service projects across the globe or a conference with the Duke of Cambridge. With each week, I have been able to learn more about the nonprofit world and I am very exited to be able to use the skills I have acquired throughout college and beyond.

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