Student Information

Student Name

Brian Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: DMHS Music Program

Mentor(s):Sandy Meltzer

Topic of Internship

Music Education

Background Information

The DMAE Music Department is taught by Sandy Meltzer and Gary Hollander. My mentor is Sandy Meltzer, and she teaches numerous classes such as Jazz Band, Chorus, Select Vocal Ensemble, Beginners Guitar Class and String Ensemble. The Music Department also hold special events and performances like the Winter and Spring Concert, the Annual Musical, the Cabaret for a Cause. The Music Department has developed more throughout the years, since last year it did not have a Guitar program.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at the DMAE music department, I have many tasks to do that most music teachers do. I help out my mentor making copies for upcoming classes, along with writing sheet music for missing instrument parts. In addition I restring guitars for the Beginners Guitar Class, and occasionally teach the class when my mentor needs help. On my own time, I also private tutor other students in the Music Program, mainly with guitar. I have 30 to 45 minute sessions with any student that wants to expand their knowledge on playing the guitar. The beneficial thing about teaching others privately is that I get to see what each student needs to improve on, and what techniques they need to learn. Other days I do minor work such as cleaning and organizing rooms, organizing and sorting music, and tidying up my mentorís office.

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