Student Information

Student Name

Marly Valiente




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The York Theatre Company

Mentor(s):Julie Griffith, Amber Wallace

Topic of Internship

Musical Theatre/Administrative Development

Background Information

The York Theatre Company is an Off-Broadway, non-profit theatre company in East Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The York is dedicated to the production of new, authentic, and intimate musicals that also provides a place where musicals from the past can be resurrected to a new audience. The theatre also supports talent of all kinds to be showcased for musical theatre. For over four decades, The York Theatre Company’s creative and imaginative style of developing new and classical musicals has resulted in critical acclaim, multiple awards, and recognition from audience and critics alike. The York is also known to be one of the theatres in the city on developing new musical works. Recently, the company hosted its 24th Oscar Hammerstein Awards Gala. In addition, York has presented over 100 staged musicals and over 30 readings of new musicals in the developing reading series per year. Internship positions vary at the York, and the majority of an intern’s time is spent in the offices.

Summary of Internship

Working at The York, I help manage the binder full of copies of the donations for the company’s records as well as make lists of the donors, send these donors rewards for their kind charity, and even hand deliver their rewards in person for formality purposes. This not only allows me to meet really important contributors for the company, but also gives me the opportunity to explore the Big Apple as I embark on these adventures. I am also able to read and organize all the scripts that we receive from striving writers who want their work performed at the York. Another aspect of my job as an intern is to go out to different theatres in association with The York and help out by checking people in and directing them to their show as I did when I went to the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center. My favorite part of being an intern at The York Theatre is being able to watch the reading series once in a while. The readings I have watched have all been extremely well executed not only because of the hard work that the actors and directors put into it, but because of the authenticity of the production. Each reading is unique because they are so drastically different from anything that Broadway theatres produce that you’ll always be at the edge of your seat.

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