Student Information

Student Name

Yea In Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Palisades Park Municipal Government

Mentor(s):Sophia S. Jang

Topic of Internship

Clerk's Office/Government

Background Information

The Palisades Park Municipal Government is the governing body of the town Palisades Park in Bergen County, New Jersey. The Borough of Palisades Park was first established through the Borough Act of 1878, which allowed townships to separate and form itself as an independent Borough. Once part of the Ridgefield Township, Palisades Park was incorporated on March 22, 1899. With its defining characteristics of a fast-growing town, Palisades Park is building its rich history through the relentless works of the local government. The Palisades Park Municipal Government ensures efficient borough services, thriving businesses, a vibrant housing market, and quality school systems. The town hall, which is connected to the Police Department, is the center of all government activities. The offices of the Mayor and Council, as well as Departments of Administration, Borough Clerk, Building Department, Finance, Health, Library, Municipal Court, Pool Complex, Public Works, Recreation, Senior Center, and Tax Collector/Assessor are located here. The government is fulfilling its duties of providing easy access for communication with its citizens and encouraging participation. Internship positions are available for interested students.

Summary of Internship

As an intern for the Palisades Park Municipal Government, I am exposed to and am able to learn from the professional world of the local government. My main job is to assist my mentor, who is the Deputy Borough Clerk. I aid in her duties, which include being the Secretary of the Governing Body and Municipal Corporation, Chief Administrative Officer of all Elections and Registrar of Voters, Administrative Officer, and Records Coordinator and Manager. Every week, I start the day by translating town-related articles for the Mayor and Council to look over. Then, I help my mentor with mailing, filing, records keeping, planning agendas, answering phone calls, and writing emails. For people asking for aid directly in the office, I walk them through their problems and help find solutions for any case, big or small. This internship requires a great deal of patience because I work as the communicator between the townspeople and the various government officers. As the only student intern representing the work force of the Town Hall, the main functioning government body of the town, professionalism as well as responsibility are also fundamental. This internship continues to truly increase my insight into the intricacies of the professional world of government. My passion for service is growing exponentially as I help ordinary townspeople connect with their government.

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