Student Information

Student Name

Samuel Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Advance Enterprise Inc.

Mentor(s):Christopher Jun

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Advance Enterprise, Inc., (AEI) is a leading supplier of electrical products to the world market with companies like Samsung, Kia, and Hyundai. AEI was formed in 1986 by John Jun and Min Jun because of the demand at the time for electrical supplies from Korean Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) companies that were doing a lot of projects in the Middle East. which needed material procurement services from the United States. Min and John saw the success that would come in supplying electrical equipment and took advantage of this opportunity and started their own business which has been running successfully for the last thirty years. AEI started by supplying bulk materials (such as wire and cable), but as the business continued to succeed, AEI was able to move on to supplying more complex engineered goods (such as switchgear and transfers) which opened opportunities to different markets. AEI skyrocketed when Korean companies started building plants in North America. The Samsung Display Electronics plant in Mexico ($500 Million investment) was the start of the turning point of AEI; this project changed the change the way of business at AEI. The majority of internís time is spent at the Advance Enterprise, Inc. office.

Summary of Internship

As an intern representing Advance Enterprise, Inc, I have access to current and previous projects every Thursday. I attend meetings on upcoming projects or meetings on the success or problems about previous projects. During meetings, I take notes for my mentor so he can remember details of the particular successes and problems he talked about during the meetings. Also, some days I was sometimes needed to help put together proposals for future projects. Therefore, I was able to put in my personal input to upcoming projects and brainstorm with employees at AEI. Other days, I would work on the Operation and Maintenance manual which consisted of programs I learned during my engineering classes. Internship at AEI required independence because I was responsible for work my mentor left behind when my mentor and other employees were working in Mexico. Professionalism and responsibility was crucial at AEI because I was still responsible for work when my mentor was absent and would spend the whole day on my laptop. Besides the work I did as an intern for an engineering company, I still did general errands that interns would do at any company. I went on the traditional coffee runs to Starbucks, shredded hundreds and hundreds of papers, ran downstairs to get and send mails, and even went on personal errands for my mentor (buying smoothies or snacks). I am fortunate to have gained the immense amount of knowledge I have, and am excited to apply this information in college.

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