Student Information

Student Name

Sang Hyug Han




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Asian Young Life

Mentor(s):Brian Hall

Topic of Internship

Youth ministry

Background Information

Asian Young Life (AYL) is a faith-based nonprofit organization that strives to help Asian American teenagers experience abundant life through activities that contribute to their academic, physical, social, and spiritual growth. Asian Young Life is a part of the larger organization called Young Life, which was founded in 1941 by Jim Rayburn. AYL was first started by Brian Hall, who had been involved in Young Life since his youth and observed that Asian Americans struggled with assimilating in predominantly white Young Life chapters because of diverse cultural backgrounds. Thus he started his own sector which caters to Asian teenagers and invites them to the life-changing experiences of Young Life. Asian Young Life follows a ministry model developed by Young Life known as the “Four C’s,” which refers to the four aspects of events: club, camp, campaigners, and contact work, all prepared by its six adult leaders and student volunteer staffs.

Summary of Internship

As an intern representing Asian Young Life, I assist the leaders in following the “Four C’s” model to help Asian American teenagers experience more abundant life. AYL holds outreach meetings called clubs four times during school year at East Bergen Christian Church, and presents funny skits, games, and the 10 to 15 minutes of brief message on some aspects of the relevance of God in the lives of today’s youth. I am in charge of directing the Club Crew, which is a body of student volunteers who are willing to come early and set up for club. I am also responsible for managing and updating the online data log accordingly with the information cards that the guests fill in during club. My responsibility as an intern continues on to the rest of the “C’s.” For campaigners, which are small group meetings that focus on religious aspect of the ministry, I set a role model for the younger members by providing rides to the church or setting the tones for the discussions, and for overnight trips to camps, I act as a cabin leader, leading cabin time discussions during which the cabin members and I delve into deeper questions about Christian way of life. Internship at Asian Young Life requires me to do many different tasks, ranging from simple scanning all the way to directing events. However, the most important work of this internship is “contact work.” AYL leaders initiate contact work to build genuine friendships with Asian teenagers to model God’s love and to be adult figures whom teenagers can trust and turn in times of need. I do similar contact work through hanging out with some of the school underclassmen and spending time with them. In the sense that I can help change others’ lives while learning various essential social and office skills, I am proud to be a part of Asian Young Life.

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